SMARTPRINT (HK) LTD, with its office based in Hong Kong, is a printing company that prints and manufactures a variety of products for both local and overseas markets. It also has a subsidiary factory in China with strong manpower specialized in hand-made products such as gift boxes and paper bags.

  Armed with many years of experience in this industry, our mission is to serve our clients to improve printed projects while establishing friendly relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity. No matter you need 50 or 500,000 product pieces, we provide high quality printing at a globally competitive price with great attention to detail.  
What's more, our highly-skilled staffs can undoubtedly meet your tight deadlines by offering prompt pickup and delivery on-time to any places in the world, either by shipping or by air. As a bonus, our delivery service to China is especially fast and safe at the lowest cost. Most importantly, our new equipment installed give additional assurance of our printing quality. We also take pride in the way we run our business and care for our environment by using recycling papers and low-poisoned inks that meet the American environmental standard.
  Not only can we save you a lot of money on printing projects, we also manage your jobs every step of the way to make sure that things go smoothly. To learn more about printing your next project, please feel free to contact SMARTPRINT for more information or immediate service. Our sales and customer support staff is dedicated to answer any of your questions. You'll get printing better than your're getting now !
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